Combining Tor and VPN to Protect Your Online Privacy

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites encourage people to publish more of their daily habits and activities. In spite of this new level of publicity on an individual aspect, most people still want privacy in their lives, whether online or offline. To achieve privacy online, people have turned to different kinds of privacy tools such as encrypted chats and virtual private network (VPN) tunnel software, notes Private Tunnel.

VPN at the Top

Privacy tools range from application- to network-level choices. These alternatives, sadly, fall short of the sort of privacy that VPNs provide. These alternative tools also have some problems regarding usability or internet speed. To achieve the highest privacy currently possible, individuals, businesses, and organizations turn to VPNs.

How a VPN Works

VPNs keep your online activities private by encrypting all your data you as well as coursing that data through a proxy server. As a result, your public IP-address will not be visible. Leaks can sometimes happen in VPNs, sadly. People concerned about these leaks have thought about using a VPN simultaneously with a network-level privacy tool.

How Tor Works

Without a VPN, users utilize the Tor browser. Tor routes your data through multiple servers to confuse online threats as to what you are doing online. Tor works without encryption. As such, you can still be hacked even when using Tor.

Using Tor and VPN Simultaneously

Those who want complete online privacy have thought about using Tor simultaneously with a VPN. You can do the same. You simply have to connect to a VPN first and then use the Tor browser. Alternately, you can connect to the internet first and then use Tor to connect to your VPN.

Support Needed

Each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The best choice will be up to your judgment. Either way, to successfully use both tools, you need to choose a VPN that supports Tor.

Privacy can easily be lost online nowadays, but with the combination of Tor and VPN, you can protect your privacy and yourself.