3 Reasons to Consider NFC Smart Posters for your Next Advertisement Campaign

Man using phone with NFC

Technology is constantly evolving, and every day there are new concepts to explore. While living in these exciting times, it is prudent for businesses to stay up to date with technological advancements, lest they lose out on new trends in the industry. Currently, the near-field-communication (NFC) innovation is taking over the advertising field. It involves the use of smart posters which allow clients to interact with the advert by tapping on given tags using their mobile devices.

Here are the reasons you should consider it for your upcoming ad campaigns.

1. Affordability

With the availability of NFC tags online, incorporating the technology is easy and cost-effective. These come in a range of storage capacities, allowing you to pick whatever is appropriate for your business. The hardware is simple to install, and you only need to program the software once.

2. Maximise Poster Space

Poster ads offer limited space for text. It is recommended that text only takes a small percentage of the surface while illustrations and images take up the rest of the available space. This usually limits the text to a call to action or slogan. As a result, the visual supporting elements are what consumers remember most. Incorporating NFC technology offers more information by allowing consumers to tap on the advertisement. This way, they can pull out additional information about your company. This way, you maximise on available space while increasing impact.

3. Easy Tracking

When you launch an advertising campaign, you want to measure its effectiveness and see if you are getting returns on the investment. While this is not easy to attain with traditional posters, NFC allows you to track usage. It will record information on interaction allowing you to see which poster viewers are interacting with most, the info the consumer asks for after tapping, and if they go ahead to act on the call to action.

Using smart posters that incorporate NFC technology boosts engagement with the advertisement. The model is easy to use, and you can also integrate it with text messaging marketing. It, therefore, offers unlimited opportunities through which marketers can engage with customers.