Tech Talk: When DIY Is Not the Best Approach

Software as a Service concept

Software as a Service conceptThere are so many reasons to DIY, the most prevalent of which is that you save money. When you are simply up-cycling an unused pallet or repurposing an old door, doing it yourself cannot do any harm. When it comes to other areas, however, such as cloud computing and marketing, sometimes DIY is not the best approach.

Early Issues with DIY Cloud Storage

Considering the success that the public cloud enjoys today, it may be hard to comprehend that it was not always the go-to solution for businesses. Back when cloud computing was a new concept, many were disenchanted by the idea of building their own cloud from scratch, particularly with the costs associated with it. Now, however, SaaS management allows for third-party involvement to offer cloud services, with any company having access to the resources they need anytime they need it. Projections reveal that spending on cloud services may reach $266 billion by 2021–a testament to how public cloud services are now an important tool for enterprises.

Safety Concerns with Technical Jobs

Many will warn you against meddling with electrical wirings on your own if you are not a licensed electrician. There is also the risk of data loss when you try to fix a database that you know nothing about. In the case of electrical failure, you are facing possible loss of life, if not extensive damage to property. Losing data because of a database error might as well end a business. These technical jobs should not be DIY-ed because of the great risk of failure. They require special skills that you cannot learn simply through a 5-minute YouTube course or a Wikipedia article. And the repercussions of failing are too serious to ignore.

There is a time to DIY and there is a time to let experts handle the job. Whether you’re using the cloud or managing a database, always act smart.