Proven Ways to Unblock Blocked Websites

woman using a laptop with vpn service to access block sites

Pissed off that you cannot access some websites on your computer? You may do the following to bypass the blocking mechanism.

Utilize a virtual private network

A virtual private network is one of the surest ways to access block websites on your computer. How does it do this? Using the secure connection offered by a VPN tunneling software – which you can purchase from online vendors such as Private Tunnel – the IP address of your computer stays hidden.

This means that you can already access blocked websites as the absence of an IP address means there will be no point of reference for the search in the list of blocked sites.

Use a proxy server

A proxy server acts as an intermediating party between your computer and the blocked websites. Since your computer will not have to deal with the blocked website as the proxy server is the one that connects to the site.

You just have to enter the URL of the blocked website in the proxy server, and you can already view its contents.

Use a translation service to your advantage

In a way, translation services like Microsoft Translator, Yahoo Babel Fish and Google Translate have blocked website access. This is especially perfect for blocked sites that use foreign languages.

Do URL recasting

This may not always be the case, but sometimes, a website hosted within a virtual private network does not have a verified SSL protection. Just access the website on your normal web browser. Just type the link with an https:// instead of an http://.

A security notice may prompt you. Just do the Proceed Anyway option, and you are good to go.

The tips above are effective in accessing blocked websites. Ultimately, what will work for you still depends on where you are and how much censorship is present.