Commercial Janitorial Services: How to Choose a Service Provider

Keeping your workplace clean is an important part of running a business. You don’t want your office to look cluttered, untidy, and unsafe. If even your most reliable employees are always calling in sick, one of the culprits may be the state of cleanliness in your office.

Some business owners hire full-time cleaning employees, but you may also hire janitorial services in Salt Lake City if you want professional cleaners to come in and tidy up after office hours, once or several days a week.

There might be a few of these agencies in your area; choose the one that best fits your needs. Bear in mind that just because they charge cheap doesn’t mean they’re your best choice. As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Here are some tips on how to choose a cleaning agency for your business:

Make some calls and ask for services

Ask a few service providers to fax or email you a list of their services and the amount you should pay for them. See if the services they provide fit your needs. Ask for a list of the products they use; you want to be sure they’re using safe and environment-friendly cleaning materials.

Make sure they are insured

You should not be held liable if one of the cleaners gets hurt while working on your premises. Ask for a proof of insurance before hiring an agency.

Read the contract

The agency may ask you to sign a contract. The contract may state that you should stick with their services for a specific length of time. If you don’t have a recourse in case you are not satisfied with their work, you will be stuck with them until the contract expires. So read the contract and make sure you are not signing anything you might regret.

Ask for references

Finally, ask them for references and make some calls. You may read some of the reviews if the cleaning agency has a website, but just to be sure, ask their other clients if they are satisfied with the company’s work.

They may work in the background, but the work cleaners do is important for the success of your business. Choose a good service provider and stop worrying about unhealthy conditions in your business premises.