Common Singaporean Traits to Consider in Your Advertising Campaigns

Singaporean Girl

When you want to direct your marketing efforts at Singaporeans, how do you get your message across the right way? Knowing the common traits of people in your target location will help you come up with the best advertising strategies.

Here are the common traits of Singaporeans that can help you in your efforts at advertising in Singapore.

Kiasu Is a Way of Life

By definition, kiasu is the need to be the best in everything. It is the fear of losing. It is one of the most common Singaporean traits. From the day a Singaporean baby is born, his/her parents train him to be a winner.

Parents send their kids to the best schools, even if it means being buried in debt. Children are expected to ace their exams and top their class. As adults, they are expected to work harder and faster to come out ahead of their peers.

Singaporeans Love to Queue

Singapore locals are patient. They are willing to skip their lunch just to fall in line and be among the first individuals to own the latest smartphone model. When they see a queue, a Singaporean’s first impulse is to fall in line – even if he has no idea what the long line is for.

To a Singaporean, a long line means something worthwhile, and he shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. Thus, it is a common sight to see queues start to build up as early as 6:00 AM like what happened in the SG50 launch.

Complaining Is in Their Blood

Complaining is second nature to Singaporeans. They complain about everything – from the smallest detail to the biggest incident that happens. Everyone feels he can offer the best solution to any problem. Thus, everyone feels he has the right to complain.

These are only three of the main characteristics that Singaporeans share. Outsiders may find them funny. But, by understanding their common traits, you can devise effective marketing strategies that will work in Singapore.